About Us

SWV Multifamily is a Dallas-Fort Worth based real estate investment syndication group focused on value-add multifamily properties. We strive to improve the quality of life within our communities while offering investors competitive returns. We utilize comprehensive underwriting, technology-based systems, and innovative property specific solutions to drive revenue and produce cashflow.

SWV focuses on enriching the resident experience within historically undervalued communities. Our value-add system focuses on creating vibrant properties by establishing assets with abundant amenities and cared for by attentive personnel. We serve as a conduit to our investors who share the common value of improving the livelihood, well-being, and beauty of their community.


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What We Do

SWV Multifamily functions as a steward of the submarkets we serve. For every deal acquired, we have underwritten ten to fifteen properties in these submarkets. When a potential acquisition is identified, the strong relationships our team has built with brokers, property managers, and general contractors bolster the development of the business plan.

Subsequently, we engage our lending expertise and resources in acquiring leverage that meets the risk tolerance of the project and the people it represents. Alignment with our legal team creates a structure that protects all participants in the endeavor. Finally, we submit an offering for your approval and acceptance with the ultimate goal of wealth creation and preservation for our investors.

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Integrity . Capital . Execution . 

Integrity . Capital . Execution . 

Integrity . Capital . Execution . 

Integrity . Capital . Execution . 

Integrity . Capital . Execution . 

The SWV Multifamily Vision

Our mission is to provide our residents, investors, and partners with a mutually beneficial experience. Our team is dedicated to delivering first-class customer service at all levels, and we relish SWV Multifamily’s responsibility to be the impetus for change. We specialize in developing business plans that are tailored to each individual community in order to optimize the resident experience and to drive the financial growth of the investments we manage. We value transparency as a medium to foster honesty and drive accountability towards ensuring reliable and reproducible results.


Learn more about the selected properties in our portfolio.


The Blakely

192 units | Arlington, TX.

La Fortuna

230 Units | Dallas, TX.

The Timbers

260 Units | Dallas, TX.